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If you are you looking for Guest blog sites, then you have reached the right place. What is blog and blogging and who is a blogger – complete information.

What is a Blog? – Definition of Blog, Blogging & Blogger

Hello friends, today in this post we will learn what is a blog – what is blogging – I am going to give you complete information about who is a blogger. What is the meaning of Blog as well as why it is called Blogging and who is a Blogger.

Before today, you must have read many articles related to what is a blog on the Internet, what is blogging and who is a blogger, but you will get to read and learn half-incomplete information in them, but after reading this post you will You will get answers to all the questions of your mind. So let’s start learning…

Let me also tell you that whatever information I am going to tell you, it is possible that you will get to read something more technical than that. But my only aim is that I can tell you about blogging in simple words.

What is Blog?

A blog is a type of internet content published on a website that contains information related to a topic or a place or a person. In easy language, it is understood that a blog shares information related to anything on a website, which is a page called Blog.

If you want to know more about it then you will find it on the internet. But this conclusion will be reached after going around in all the information. Which has told you in simple language… what is a blog – what is blogging – who is a blogger.

What is Blogging?

You will also find a lot of articles and information on the internet about what blogging is, you will also be told how to earn money in different ways, but it is a bit difficult to get real information that can explain to you in simple language that blogging What happens

I will try my best to tell you in detail, Blogging is a process, it is a type of social media platform, it is a personal space, it means if you have a blog website and you are blogging, it is your personal It is property, you have 100% right over it.

Your website is called your blog where you share your thoughts, experiences etc. about any topic, any place and name or you know any skill that you are teaching to other people and from the information given by you. If other people are getting benefited then this process itself is called blogging.

Who is a blogger?

What is a blog, what is blogging, it has been tried to explain in a very simple language, the person who does all these work by putting good information on the website, learning himself and teaching others is called Blogger. The one whom we call in our language is a blogger, he is also a blogger. Yes, there are different categories in this. Like someone is a food blogger and someone is a tech blogger, what is a blog – what is blogging – who is a blogger etc.

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How many types of blogging are there?

Friends, according to me blogging is of 2 types in Guest blog sites.

  1. Hobby Blogging
  2. Professional Blogging

What is Hobby Blogging?

Hobby, as you have read this, you must have got a voice from inside, what is this amateur blogging, yes, hobby blogging is also done, in which many bloggers share information related to their personal life, or write blogs about their hobby. Doing this is their own hobby, they like to do this. These bloggers do not tell about any such topic or anything from which someone can learn something. You can just become his fan. This type of blogging is called Hobby blogging.

What is Professional Blogging?

Let me explain Professional Blogging(Guest blog sites) to you in a very easy way, if you have come here after reading this article, then you are reading the information coming inside a Professional Blogging from where you are getting to learn what Blogging is. it occurs.

If you still do not understand, then I try to tell you in a more simple way, look, wherever the word professional is attached, that work is your business or your business in which you spend your valuable time and you get something in return. Earning happens. With which you complete the work related to your life and family and make it simple, this is your kind of full time JOB.

If you are reading further what is a blog – what is blogging – who is a blogger then you are interested in professional blogging, it means that we can use our best skills to teach something to other people or their Can make work easier.

For example, crores of people all over the world ask their problems to Google search engine in today’s time, although there are many other search engines, but I am only taking Google’s name to make it easier.

This means that solutions to people’s problems are found on Google, but Google does not have any information of its own, it shows those websites in search results which website provides correct and quality information.

Under Professional Blogging, you can do blogging in 2 ways like:-

  • Event Blogging
  • Micro Niche Blogging

Event Blogging

You must be knowing from the name itself that this is done for a special event, as you must have seen many times a message will come in your WhatsApp on the occasion of a festival or 15th August, 26th January, Diwali etc. Click on the given link. Do your friend has sent something and when you open that link, you will get Wishes for any of the events mentioned above. What is a blog – What is blogging – Who is a blogger, this is called Event Blogging.

Micro Niche Blogging

Friends in Guest blog sites 2023, Niche means in which category your blog website is made, on which topic you talk on your blog. Micro Niche is just like there is cricket for example and there are different formats in cricket too Test Cricket, ODI Cricket, T20 Cricket so if you share information about any one of these formats then it will be called Micro Niche.

I hope you have understood what is Micro Niche blogging and best Guest blog sites.

How did you like the information shared in this Guest blog sites post, do tell me by commenting, if you have any suggestion, then also tell by commenting.

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