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Ultimate List of Best Guest Post Sites in 2023

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If you are you looking for Guest post sites, then you have reached the right place. What is Blog? What is blogging? and Difference Between Blog And Website.

What is Blog? What is blogging?

Blogging is the process of writing a post, article, content for a blog or the process of maintaining a blog or writing content on it is called Blogging. Content can be of any type which is important, helpful for other people. or interesting.

Difference Between Blog And Website

First of all, let’s talk about what a website is, let’s try to understand it easily. What Is Website.

A website is a collection of different web pages created by a company, brand, organization for the purpose of providing information and services. For example, Google.Com, Amazon.Com, Flipkart.Com, Wikipedia.Com, Bank Website, etc.

What Is Blog?

As we have already explained, Blog Is Part Or Types Of Website, we can also call blog a part or type of website. Blog is a collection of different articles and posts, in which mostly any Topic or Subject Related Information, Knowledge it occurs.

Guest post sites

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Main Difference Between Blog And Website –

  • The content of the website is mostly not updated, the content on the blog is mostly related to information and knowledge which has to be updated from time to time.
  • Which company or brand is the website operated by? Whereas a common person can also make a blog.
    The website has a Main Homepage from where we can access all the pages of the website. While the homepage of the blog contains some articles and posts.
  • There can be an option to login or register in the website. While there is no need for this in the blog
    Most of the websites do not have any option to comment whereas in blog you can share your feedback through Comment Box.
  • The website is not one or the other of any company, whereas you will find more than one blog on the same Topic or Subject.

Types Of Blog

When we think of starting a blog, then a question definitely comes in the mind that what are the types of blogs, What Is Types Of Blog, Which is the category of Blog, so let’s know Types of Blog –

  1. Tech Blog – You can give information to people about Technology related Information and Knowledge like Internet, Computer, Mobile.
  2. Fashion Blog – Related To Fashion, Beauty, Makeup Etc.
  3. Food Blog – For things related to food and drink, like how to make any Recipes, Dish, you can teach people.
  4. Music Blog – For songs, to download songs.
  5. Travel Blog – You can tell about travel related things like giving your suggestions about any place, how to go, how much it will cost etc.
  6. Lifestyle Blog – You can tell people about the daily routine
  7. Status And Shayari Blog – By writing Status and Shayari, you can post on your blog.
  8. Fitness Blog – You can tell people by writing about a topic related to health.
  9. Sports Blog – About things related to sports.
  10. Political Blog – What is happening in politics, elections, what are the issues of the public, etc. You can write on the topic.
  11. Personal Blog – You can tell people about your Personal Lifestyle, Daily Routine, many people are interested to know about other people.
  12. News Blog – You can create a blog related to news, latest news.
  13. Pet Blog – You can cover topics related to animals.
  14. Movie Blog – You can tell your suggestions about Movie to the people, you can make Movie Downloading Blog.
  15. Biography Blog – You can write about famous people, you can tell their biography to people.
  16. Business Blog – You can write about Share Market, Start Up Plan, Business Plans.
  17. Motivation Blog – You can write a blog related to Motivation stories, Personality Development.
  18. Stories Blog – You can make a blog by writing stories.
  19. Study Blog – You can create a blog related to studies.
  20. Finance Blog – You can share information related to finance with people

Friends best and free Guest Post Sites list in 2023, these were some top types or category of blog, now you can get an idea on which topic you want to make a blog. Friends, there are many other sub-categories on which you can make a good blog, for this I will post a separate article, in which I will tell you in details and in which category you get more CPC (Cost Per Click),

So who are bloggers? How to say blogger?

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is one who runs and controls a blog, a blogger can also be the author of a blog, a content creator who creates regular blog posts on that blog.

Top Blogger In India

Friends, I am going to tell you in the list of Top Indian Blogger, I have made it according to myself, those blogs which rank on Top Page in India and in which I fall, their content is also very good and knowledgeable, this is just for example.

I am telling, although in today’s time there are many good blogs and bloggers in India, but for all these, I will post a separate article, in which I will tell in details about Top Blog or Blogger of all categories, then some blog They are the following, you can go and see how their blog has been made – what is their content and how is it.

BLOG NAME – Guest post sites

  1. – Best Guest Post Sites
  2. Deepawali
  3. Gyani Pandit
  4. Hindi Me
  5. Hindi Me Help
  6. Hindi Soch
  7. Hindime
  8. MyBigGuide
  9. One Hindi
  10. Shout Me Hindi

So friends, I hope you have told in this article Guest post sites, what is Blog, what is Blogging, how many types of Blog are there, what is the difference between Blog and Website (Difference Between Blog And Website), who is Blogger Everything must have been understood.

If you still have any questions and want to ask something that you have not understood, then definitely type in the Comment Box, we will definitely answer your questions.

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