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Best Guest Post Submission Guideline

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Guest post submission

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Guest Blogging Strategy Guide

  • Be Responsive
  • Choose a Winning Topic
  • Find Sites to Contribute To
  • Form a Connection with the Site Owner
  • Know Your Goals
  • Make Your Pitch
  • Promote Your Content
  • Track Success
  • Work That Bio
  • Write Great Content
  • Write More Guest Posts

Why Is Finding the Right Guest Post Site Important?

There are main 2 types of websites out there offering guest post opportunities & Guest post submission.

High-quality websites that usually:

  • Are free to write for.
  • Exist to serve an interest, purpose, or niche.
  • Have stringent guidelines.
  • Only publish great content.

Low-quality websites that often:

  • Charge a fee (either directly or by association with link builders).
  • Exist solely for the purpose of building links.
  • Have few or no guidelines.
  • Publish poor-quality content.

Publishing your guest post on a HQ website will have a positive impact on your google rankings.

How to Avoid Guest Posting Farm Site?

  1. Are the blog authors’ names not mentioned?
  2. Are there several unrelated categories in the menu?
  3. Does it have a “Write For Us” page?
  4. Is the homepage its blog page?
  5. Is the site’s logo the most generic thing you’ve seen all day?
  6. Take a look at the site’s traffic with Ahrefs. Is it low?

The benefits of guest posting

  • Generating backlinks that help with SEO
  • Increasing reach (and traffic)
  • Expanding your network
  • Growing your social media following

Email subject lines for guest post outreach

Here are some of the email subject lines you can use to announce uploading a new guest post blog.

  • Exciting stuff for your blog
  • Feed your content-hungry blog
  • Free high-quality articles for your blog
  • Great content ideas for your blog
  • Guest post proposal
  • Guest post request for [Blog name]
  • High-quality guest post request
  • I’ve got something special for your blog. Check it out!
  • I’ve prepared something special for your blog
  • Let’s discuss your new blog post
  • Looking for an awesome blog post? We’ve got it!
  • Next blog post for [Blog name]. Leave the hard work to me
  • No one has blogged about this on your blog. Am I right?
  • Provide value to your subscribers with this blog post
  • Review these 3 blog post ideas for [Blog name]
  • Something special for [Blog name]
  • Upcoming guest post ideas for [Blog name]
  • You haven’t covered this topic, right?

Guest Post Submission Guideline In 2023

A guide to guest posting & Guest post submission

List of specific information you need to track for Guest post submission

  1. Accepted?
  2. Contact date
  3. Contact email
  4. Date accepted/rejected
  5. Date published
  6. Editor’s name
  7. Follow-up date
  8. Guest post ideas
  9. Guest post link
  10. Moz domain authority (DA)
  11. Post sent date
  12. Topics covered
  13. URL
  14. Website name

Find guest blogging opportunities

  • Your keyword + “contribute to our site”
  • Your keyword + “contributing writer”
  • Your keyword + “guest article”
  • Your keyword + “guest post by”
  • Your keyword + “guest post”
  • Your keyword + “write for us”

Formatting and content guidelines

  1. Add bulleted lists wherever possible to break up dense chunks
  2. Always use simple sentences – 20 words per sentence is a good thumb-rule
  3. Avoid unnecessary filler words, and stay away from buzzwords and jargon
  4. If you’re including images, also add the image source
  5. No more than 250 words in between each subheading
  6. Paragraphs should be no more than 3 to 5 sentences long
  7. Send your content in a Google Doc and give access to [email protected]
  8. The article must be over 1500 words
  9. Use H2, H3, and H4 formatting for subheadings wherever appropriate

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