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How to Make Money Blogging: The Complete Guide for Guest traffic?

How much money is earned from blogging? Often new bloggers who come in the field of blogging, this kind of question comes in their mind and people who want to come in the field of blogging also have this kind of question in their mind. It comes that how much money is received from blogging and how much money can be earned from blogging.

How much money is received on 1000 page views in blogging, if you also want to know the answer to such questions, then today in this article, the complete information about the reality of blogging & Guest traffic is given in detail below.

In today’s time, people like to earn money from digital marketing. Because there is no need to work with any company or anyone to earn money from digital marketing. You can earn money from digital marketing from your own home.

Blogging is the most important way to earn money on digital platform. But there is doubt in the minds of people about such questions about how much money is available in blogging and how much money can be earned from blogging in a day.

How much does a beginner blogger earn?

There is no limitation to earn from blogging. The harder you work, the more money you can earn. You can earn in lakhs of months from blogging and you can also earn zero in a month from blogging.

Because it completely depends on you how you are working in blogging. People working properly in the field of blogging can earn lakhs of rupees in a month with guarantee.

But if you start blogging and you do not do blogging properly, then no matter how much time you give, you are not going to get money easily.

People working in the field of YouTube videos and blogging talk many things about blogging and earning money from YouTube, which attracts people and they think that we can make millions in millions immediately by blogging and making videos on YouTube. Will start earning. But this is not completely correct, you can definitely earn in lakhs.

Blogging Guide – Guest traffic

But only 1 out of 100 people will be such who start earning in lakhs by coming to blogging and YouTube immediately. It is not impossible to do, but for this you should have that much information, then you start blogging immediately or make videos on YouTube and you start earning millions of months.

Before starting blogging, get complete information about blogging like how to make a blog, how much time it takes to earn money from blogging, what is the process to earn money from blogging, how long daily work is required in blogging, this First of all, be sure to know about the types of questions.

By the way, for my dear readers, the answers to all these questions will also be given below in this article. Let us know below about the journey of starting work in blogging and earning money.

How to Make Money Blogging in 2023 ($200k Per Month / Guest traffic)

First of all, when you come in the field of blogging and start blogging, at that time you have very little knowledge about blogging. Because of which you set up a blog, slowly start writing content on it. But in the beginning you do not know about some important things of search engine optimization, website optimization and blogging.

How do we optimize our website, write blog posts, do search engine optimization, so that traffic starts coming to our website immediately? Very little is known about all these things. Because of which even if you regularly write a new blog post every single day, it takes at least 1 year for you to get money from blogging.

It may take 1 year or more for a new blogger to earn money from blogging. By the way, some people also give you such information that you can start earning money from blogging in 6 months and 3 months only. But this can only apply to one percent of people. Which is the export of blogging.

Special Tips

For people who are completely new in the field of blogging, it may take at least 1 year or maximum 2 years for the first payment to come. As far as earning money from this website is concerned, it took more than 1 year for the first Google Adsense payment from this website on which you are reading this post.

Now you must have understood how much time it takes to earn money from blogging. Even after getting the first payment from blogging, you are not able to regularly complete $100 every month. For that at least and you have to give few days time then $100 is completed in your Adsense account.

You have to wait two-three months to complete the $100. When your first payment arrives, after that when there is $100 in the desk of your Adsense account, then only the payment is given to you by Adsense.

The information given in this post is necessary for any new blogger or people starting blogging to tell about the reality of blogging. Because when you start blogging, after two-three months you start waiting for money. But you must know about the reality of blogging.

How to make money from blogging?

After knowing the reality of Blogging, now come about earning from Blogging, so for your information let me tell you that you can definitely earn lakhs every month from Blogging, this is also 100% true.

If you work actively in Blogging, keep patience, then definitely you can earn lakhs or more per month. Because blogging is a long top journey. In this, money cannot be earned in short term, those who work for a long time in blogging can earn lakhs, this is absolutely true.

You will earn less for the initial 1-2 years, but after 1-2 years, when you work continuously in the field of Blogging, you will earn a lot of money from Blogging. Blogging is such an area that its craze is going to increase even more in the coming times. So if you work looking at the future of Blogging, then you will definitely be successful in this field and will earn a lot of money too.

How to start a blog for free and make money?

After setting up a blog website, Google Adsense approval has to be taken. Google Adsense is the main earning tool of a blog website.

When Google takes the approval of Adsense, then the ad appears on your website.

If there are 500 page views on a blog website in 1 day, then there are 20 clicks on it, then if you get $ 0.5 CPC for each click, then you earn $ 1 on 500 page views.

Similarly, the more the page views on the website, the more clicks will come, the better the CPC will be, the more you will be able to earn from Adsense.

How much do you earn with a blog?

The earning of every blogger depends on his visitors. By the way, those who are old bloggers, their earning is very good every month. But it cannot be made public, but for your information, it is important to know that whoever is a successful blogger, earns so much money a month that he can meet all the needs of his family by living well in the city. Is.

how to earn money from blog?

If you want to earn money from Blogging, want to make a blog, then you can contact. Your blog will be completely setup by the team and you will also be told all the appropriate information so that you can move forward with your blogging journey. Contact – [email protected]

How much money do you get for 1000 views on the blog?

Above 1000 page views you can earn $1, $5 or even more. As mentioned, earning is based on the number of clicks and CPC received.

FAQ – Guest traffic

How much money do you get from blog?

Lakhs of rupees a month can also be earned from the blog. But for that hard work and some time has to be given in blogging.

How many views do you get paid in the blog?

The number of page views on a blog website are clicked and money is received on that click, in this way money is given by Adsense from all the ads that are clicked.

how to earn money from blogging?

You can earn money every month by blogging with Google Adsense.

when does google adsense pay?

When $100 is completed in your Google Adsense account, then on the 21st of the month, money is sent to your account by Google Adsense. Which gets credited in your account within 2 to 4 days.

How much can you earn from blog website?

There is no limit to earn from blog website, you can earn lakhs in it.

how long does it take to make money from a blog?

It definitely takes at least 6 months to earn money from the blog. It may take up to 2 years as well. But if you are an export in the field of blogging then you can start earning money in 6 months.

How much money do top bloggers in India earn?

The major top bloggers of India earn lakhs of rupees.

More ways to earn money from blog?

The way to earn money from blog is Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Guest Post and Sponsored Post.

conclusion – Guest traffic

Information about how much money is received from the blog is given in this article about How much does a beginner blogger earn?. An attempt has been made to give better information to all the new people who are working in the field of blogging or who are coming in the field of blogging. Still, if you have any kind of question related to how much money you get from blog or how to start blogging, then definitely write in the comment box.

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